Bonovox U2 Show

It is a tribute band dedicated to “cloning” the music and image of the Irish rock band U2, performing live all the greatest  successes and replicating the show and costume.  The

enthusiastic participation of their audience is what help to recreate the magic atmosphere felt at the actual concerts of the band of Bono and The Edge.

The same images and music used by the actual group U2, combined with the band BONOVOX synthesis and sound, is projected live on maxi-screens. Therefore, the performance  becomes extremely similar to that of the original group U2.

Their live performances respect the actual group not only musically, but also choreographically.  The group, in fact, has concentrated on selecting the songs that best represent U2 and also the small details on stage, that help the public further appreciate the concert.

The key to the success of The Bonovox is represented by three concepts: Determination, Professionalism and Passion, combined with the experience and the talent of those, who collaborate with the band behind the scenes.

The BONOVOX has over 50 songs of U2 in their repertoire,  from the roots of “Boy” to the latest  “No Line on  the Horizon”.  In particular, their main inspiration derives from the album  Live “Under a Blood Red Sky” in  which the band is able to best illustrate their musical talent.

 All the songs proposed by the BONOVOX are performed with passion and respect to the original band of U2, the same respect that their fans demand.



Voice    Simon – (04/09/1971 Bolzano-Italy )

Guitar    Michele – (14/04/1972 Ferrara-Italy )

Bass    Roby – (20/07/1977 Bolzano-Italy )

Drums     Alex – (04/01/1976 Verona-Italy )





Arena di Verona

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